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    DROID2 Global SBF, RSD Lite and USB drivers

    Gingerbread SBF file for the DROID2 Global.


    NOTE: Before flashing, make sure you have at least 50% charge.

    Flashing Instructions:
    1. Install RSD Lite.
    2. Install the USB Drivers.
    3. Connect your DROID2 Global via USB (if you can, use the back ports).
    4. Open RSD Lite. Your device should show up if not wait a minute or two.
    5. Browse to the SBF file through RSD Lite by clicking the "..." after the input box.
    6. Wait for the file to load and select "Uncompress and Start Flashing".
    7. Your phone will boot into recovery and flash multiple files.
    8. This will take some time for it to flash DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PHONE UNTIL IT HAS FINISHED!
    9. Your phone is now returned to stock enjoy!

    You may still have some personal data on the phone, simply factory resetting will remove it.

    Source: Rootzwiki
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    Unzipped sbf file
    Works great



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